Here you can find finished projects of BATHHOUSES (Russian bathes) made of squared timber visualized in 3d. Nowadays, squared timber construction is one of the most profitable, economical and aesthetically beautiful. Especially construction of Russian baths made of squared timber, because timber is the material that fits the best to realize this project. Consulting our specialists in 3d-modelling and visualization you can see, easily imagine and appraise the external view of your not built Russian bath. It is very convenient to see in real quality and in various views how your poject will look like before the beginning of the construction (and in the end it is profitable). You will be able to choose beforehand how your project will look like in the surroundings, if it is good in the color, the shape and in composition. You can order visualization or Work project of your future bahthouse made of squared timber on our site in Contact section. Prices for visualization and a project will appear interesting for you, but the price is established individually for each order. Simplification of working out in detail of a model makes the price much lower.